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Artwork Mark Penciud

4'2" Actor/Television Presenter

Welcome to my page, my life, well, some of it. Thank you.


Latest Television Appearance. 

Doctor Who (Robots of Sherwood)

BBC 6th September





Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory played one of the Ten Oompa Loompa's. My first Movie and [to date] THE BEST! Can be seen in all of the Oompa Scenes especially the Song and Dances. I'm the one who does the 'cartwheels' in the TV Room. 76 Takes! Thanks Mel! And to Alka Seltzer for relieving the head aches!

Disciple of Death Played a Vampire. My second Movie filmed Boscastle and the Bodmin Moors of Cornwall. Great part, something to get my teeth into! Shame it was a "B" movie.

History of the World Part One What can I say about this one? A fantastic opportunity to work for and with the great man himself MEL BROOKS the Master! Played the part of Le Muff in the French Revolution. The censors CUT most of Le Muff's part. They would still be in if the movie were made today. "It was GOOD to be Le Muff!"

Star Wars IV ("A New Hope") A low budget movie they said! Played the part of a JAWA, GONK DROID and (after the collapse of an actress) KABE in the Cantina. Very exciting to do as everyone suspected this was going to be BIG..........we wern't wrong!

Flash Gordon Played the part of one of the colourful small guards in Mings Empire. Can be seen  in the American Football scene, stamping on foot of player and then sticking a sword up his butt!

The Spiral Staircase This was the re-make with Jacqueline Bisset. I stunted for a five-year-old girl who had to fall down a flight of stairs. My first ever stunt job. Although I had a stunt guy to train me [40 minutes] it was really scary especially when the SFX set FIRE to the stairs. I did it in one take though and yet another opportunity to work with a great Director, the late Peter Collinson {The Italian Job} I worked with Peter's wife Lisa a few years later in Variety.

UFO Played the part of Henry the Eight. Great fun to film.

Funnybones A Super Movie by Peter Chelsom. Played the part of a Bagpipe Playing Dwarf. Strange seeing all the weird acts.

Willow They used 470 little people from all over Europe. The majority were non-actors/actresses who, with with their different languages there were a lot of problems on the set! 

Day Release A local company made this production. A terrific storyline. I played the part of Simon, who is an evil accountant screwing up the lives of all he meets.

Harry Potter and "The Philosophers Stone" An enjoyable magical time although the Make Up took 4 HOURS to apply and ONE HOUR to remove. No Joke when your call is 3.00AM!!! Much of the Gringott stuff is on the cutting room floor Oh well! That's movies!

Ali G In Da House I made the "extras" in the DVD!

Harry Potter and "The Prisoner of Azkaban". Once again with HP and his friends. This time in the Hogsmeade Choir.

Mrs Henderson Presents Playing the part of a 'strongman' at the auditions. Am proud to be associated with this delightful movie

The Tramps playing the part of the office boss! Another chance to work without being hidden in costume, prosthetics and make-up!

Mirrormask playing the part of Yellow Dwarf (Green Screen)

Harry Potter and "The Order of The Phoenix" Yet another fantastic Potter Movie playing a Ministry of Magic Goblin

Fred Claus playing "Frosty the Barman" A beautiful Christmas Movie!

A Kitten for Hitler playing "Lenny". To work with the legendry Ken Russell was awesome. I learnt so much in two days! Thank you Mr. Russell.

Harry Potter and "The Half-Blood Prince". Playing a "Gringott Bank Goblin." Working with another brilliant Director, David Yates!

Harry Potter and "The Deathley Hallows" Pt 2.  Playing the "Aged Goblin" Chief Bank Teller. Again with David Yates.


Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Gene Wilder and the Entire Oompa Loompa Tribe!

From left to right: Rudi Burgstaller, Ismet Hassan, Angelo Muscat, Rusty Goffe, Pepee Poupee, Gene Wilder, Marcus Powell, Malcolm Dixon, Albert Wilkinson, Norman McGlen and George Claydon.

Reunions and Conventions

** Willy Wonka **

The FIRST Reunion 1999 in Boston USA with the five kids from the movie [see below]. It was AWESOME! Thanks to my good buddy GENE CROWELL

From left to right: Diana Sowle "Mrs. Bucket - Charlie's Mother" {Diana is still working} Peter Ostrum "Charlie" {Peter is now a Cattle Vet !} Michael Bollner "Augustus Gloop" {Michael is now a Tax Consultant!!!} Denise Nickerson "Violet" {Denise has given up chewing gum. After the movie she had 15 cavities!} Rusty Goffe "Oompa Loompa" Paris Themmen "Mike TV" { Paris is still in "the business" and was one of the people responsible for getting us all together!} Julie Dawn Cole "Verucca" {Julie is still in "the business" Very sought after for voice overs etc.}


                                              Here we are again having a FANTASTIC time in Orlando Fl. Thanks to BRUCE and LAURA ZALKIN and ALL their wonderful team in MARZ PRODUCTION INC.

And then


                          MALCOLM DIXON, Original Munchkin MARGARET PELLAGRINI! ME, Munchkiā€¯ THE LATE CLARENCE SWENSEN

                                                                      The late "Munchkin" Karl Slover 


A long, long time ago..............

** Star Wars **

The Japanese Tour 2001: Well, what can I say! Twelve days in a Fabulous Country. My hosts were DOUG MURRAY of "Behind the Mask Tours" and ABBEY INTERNATIONAL. We went to some great places e.g. Tokyo, Osaka, Matsui, Nagoya and Fuji! Ate some Strange but very tasty food especially Green Tea Ice Cream. And Mostly made some SUPER JAPANESE FRIENDS!

Japan Revisited!! 2005

Had another great tour of Japan where another encounter took place with some very good friends!

Japan AGAIN!!!! 2007

What can I say? Once more visiting this beautiful country. Thank you Abbey. It was good to meet old friends again and make some new ones. Oh yes. And being introduced to the beautiful Sasa Handa!

The American Tour:

STAR WARS Celebrations II Indianapolis and IV Los Angeles . Thanks Ben Stevens

"Behind the Mask Tours" have taken me to Pasadena, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, and Chicago.  Thanks Doug Murray 

Greensboro' North Carolina: Very well looked after by Sean Dudley and the 501st Legion. Thanks guys! What a great bunch of people they are.

European Tour:

Paris, Holland and Germany. Have had a terrific time meeting lots of lovely people!

C4 018

A group of Jawa's from CELEBRATION IV 2007 LOS ANGELES. Thanks guys for coming along!


BBC'S DOCTOR WHO. [THE ROBOTS OF SHERWOOD] CBBC'S "Bear Behaving Badly" playing "The Alien". CBBC'S "LITTLE HOWARDS BIG QUESTION" playing 'Robot Howard'. Sky Televisions THE COLOUR OF MAGIC playing Lackjaw the Jeweller:  "STUPID 2" playing the part of Goober for CBBC: "CHUCKLEVISION" playing parts of Peat the Leprechaun and The Alien: STUPID 1 for CBBC playing the part of Goober the Gremlin. Eyes Down for the BBC: BAD PENNY 2 for the BBC playing the parts of Grandpa, Dex Decibel, Elves Presley, A Deliveryman, A Monkey, and A Ventriloquists Dummy. The Best 100 Musicals (Wonka came 15!), Willy Wonka (Where are they now?), The Salon for Channel 4, BAD PENNY 1 for the BBC Children's Television. Playing the parts of Policeman/Demon/Giant Rat. COLD FEET. Playing the part of Mini Matt. THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN. (Series 2 and 3 and Christmas Special) Playing the part of "Simba" in Papa Lazarou's Circus. "Hinkley" in POTAMUS PARK [3 Series]: L!VE TV " Britain 's Bounciest Weatherman", Topless Darts" 3 Series, "Dear Live": TFI Friday: (Twice) "Monsieur Le Grand" in 'ALLO 'ALLO. "Mrs. Slocombe's Suitor" and "The Monkey" in ARE YOU BEING SERVED? [2 Episodes]: "Tiny Hacketts" [Title Role] A TOUCH OF THE TINY HACKETTS: "Beelzebub" ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE: THE GOODIES: THE TWO RONNIES: THE DAVE ALLAN SHOW: THE BRIAN CONLEY SHOW: THE JIM DAVIDSON SHOW: THE RUSS ABBOT SHOW: THE PAUL SQUIRE SHOW: THE LITTLE AND LARGE SHOW: THE KENNY EVERETT SHOW: THE JOE PASQUALE SHOW: THIS IS CHANNEL 8: HAZELL: SUMMERTIME SPECIAL: THE GOOD OLD DAYS: RAZZMATAZZ: JOOLS HOLLAND NEW YEARS PARTY: SUPERTROUPERS: BERNIE CLIFTON ON STAGE: CRACKAJACK: 3.2.1.: CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: UNDER THE MOON: LOOK AND READ:




Two Royal Command Variety Performances in the presence of Their Royal Highnesses The Late Princess Margaret and The Duchess of Kent, With his Musical Act {he can play 44 different musical instruments} has performed in many Stage Shows. Also British Pantomimes range from the inevitable "Snow White" to his own Production of "Tom Thumb". The 1999/2000-pantomime season saw Rusty at the Theatre Royal and Opera House Wakefield West Yorkshire in a production of Snow White with his ten-year-old son Ben! Ben had all the best reviews!!!!!! E.g. "Rusty Goffe may have been the star of the show BUT his ten year old son stole it!" Wakefield Express What a cheek! I had a stern word with him and immediately deducted 25% commission from his wages! [Only joking]. In 2002 Rusty was playing in Dartford in the County of Kent while Ben was in Northampton in the County of Northamptonshire working another Pantomime. Again Ben had the best Reviews!!!! I am sure someone is trying to tell me something! We completed our second pantomime together in 2002/3 at the Ashcroft Theatre in Croydon, south of London. It was awesome! Ben was fantastic and AGAIN had the best reviews!!! But, JACK also went on! Yes, my dear beloved assassin Jack (now 21) took over the part of one of the dwarfs for seven performances! He was magnificent! Upstaged Ben though Ha! Ha! Payback time!!!


MONACO : What do you want from me? (Played a gambler at a Casino then solo piano)

GERI HALLIWELL "Lift me up" {Played an Alien} Yes, Me and Geri were Number 1!

Three days on location in Guardix Spain ! Sorry NO PHOTO'S (NB not MY words!)

Contact Information


CULT' Television Shows I have been lucky to appear in!

"The League of Gentlemen" "Britain's Bounciest Weather" c. L!VE TV

Papa Lazarou's Pandemonium Circus Series 2 Episode 1

Biographical Information

Born: 2.30pm 30th October 1948 at Herne Bay in Kent , England . Now resides in Linslade Bedfordshire, England . Married to Sarah [5'7"] and has two wonderful children Ben aged 24 and Jack aged 21. Rusty was educated at Gundolf House {Private} School in Herne Bay and then at Sturry Secondary Modern School near Canterbury, Kent. He left School at 15 and went straight into Show Business. With his wife Sarah, they owned the Sarah Goffe Theatre School in Linslade for 13 years. Their ex-pupils are performing in Theatres across the Globe including Broadway, New York City and The West- End of London, England. Rusty is proud to be a Member of The Grand Order of Water Rats (see the weblink below) 

Personal Interests

Personal Interests? What else.Vacations in fabulous hot countries with Good food, Good wine, and Good sex! Maybe NOT in that order BUT, if you mix all five WOW! Paradise revisited again and again.

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